För illustrations- och serieuppdrag, kontakta Nina von Rüdiger på ramaform.

För kontakt och intervjuförfrågningar kring Oblivion High, kontakta Kolik Förlag. Johanna Koljonen kan endast nås för separatintervjuer genom Tove Nerman på MA Media.


Ett svar till “Kontakt

  1. Hi! I’m an assistant professor of communication. I’m writing about Animecon 2008 for a special issue of M/C Culture, a cultural studies journal published in Australia. Here is information on the issue:


    My personal webpage is attached for verification. I’m wondering if I might use a couple of pictures from ‘Oblivion High’ in my published article. (I can attach the pictures I’d like to use if you can provide me with an email.)

    Also, I want to verify a few things. One, ‘Oblivion High’ was the first ever Finnish-language manga. Oblivion High debuted in 2008 and the creators (Ms. Mandu, a Finnish-Swedish duo) were guests of honor at the 2008 Animecon/Finncon in Tampere. The manga is about social outcasts in high school who develop magical powers.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!



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